TERA Online – Necromancer Tomb Walkthrough

Necromancer Tomb (or NT for short) is the 4th dungeon we come across in TERA. It is extremely easy compared to the earlier dungeons you may have faced. In fact, you will quickly realize that the normal monsters crawling around this instance are actually tougher than the bosses. The first time I cleared this dungeon was at level 47 in a duo party as Priest and Warrior. This dungeon is aimed at players between levels of 41 to 45 and will reward you with potential Superior grade drops at level 44.


Outside of Arcarum across the bridge immediately to the town’s Eastern exit, you will find the Citadel of Torment. At the very bottom of this overwhelming structure is your instance. Don’t worry, it’s not actually as big as it looks. Your job is to climb up all the way to the sixth floor, make your way to the bottom left room once there, and then slide town the slopes into the basement. Here, continue on until you find the Bloody Depths and reach the bottom center of the map. These locations will be highlighted for you in the images below:

Citadel of Torment Location

Sixth Floor

Necromancer Tomb Teleportal









Once inside, the dungeon is fairly linear. There are four bosses you can face, all of which are fairly easy; they deal moderate damage and are tanky. You will be able to steamroll through this dungeon with a full party consisting of a Healer, Lancer and 3 DPS classes. However, note that it is very possible to solo as a Warrior or duo with a Priest/Mystic.

The first boss you will encounter is Trayzadius. He resides in the center of this room full of traps, which will activate and damage you once you begin the fight. Note that he will reset himself back to the center location if he is too far away from his spawn. As he is not really capable of dealing too much damage, it is recommended that you simply fight him around this area. If he begins to attack your healers, simply run to your DPS or tank and have them pull enmity back onto themselves. You should be careful with the spike traps as if you are hit by one, you are likely to be bounced around onto another trap and be hit multiple times. This can sometimes kill you or your party members. Trayzadius swings his axe and attacks with simple melee range attacks. All of his attacks can be easily dodged.

Trayzadius - First Boss

If you were lucky, he may reward you with a Superior item right away. That’s not bad for the first boss since I can never recall finding a Superior item from the previous first bosses. Anyways, if you are following the story quests you will want to take the Southern turn in the next room and destroy the Necromantic Devices. Once you have followed this path and have destroyed all four devices, Dalmanak will spawn in the circular Western-bottom room and you will need to dispose of him. He is an Orisk with the ability to summon one minion at a time. When he does, you will need to take down the minions as they will add up in number over time and they pack quite a decent punch. Sometimes, Dalmanak will run into his own minion and severely damage them or even kill them. That is always interesting to see. Do watch out for his poison as that will be able to deal fairly high damage to your party members.

Necromancer Tomb - Second Boss

The story boss follows next, who will turn into Kaidun once you defeat him. Mutated Kaidun appears to be some sort of Argon/Naga Marauder mix and is located in the Western-center room. His attack pattern is very similar to Naga Mercenary BAMs (he loves to jump around), which should immediately tell you that he is not a difficult boss either but tanky. He does have a few extra attacks such as his laserbeam (Master Spark?) and a cloud of electric discharge which are ranged attacks. However, his attacks are still not difficult to dodge as he is quite slow and provides warning before he fires his shots. Get rid of this thing.

Necromancer Tomb - Third Boss


The final boss you will face is Vedilith, he looks like some sort of Basilisk/Tiger. You are not required to kill him to proceed with the story, but he does offer a good chance of giving you some fat loot. He will summon minions at 70%/50%/30% of HP and these Wraiths will eventually cover up the room in three rings. They cannot move, but they will keep on summoning lightning bolts until they die and severely limit your movement. You should clear some of these out to allow you room to dodge Vedilith’s attacks. Further, Vedilith is capable of dealing some pain with his cleave attack, be sure to watch out for his movements and keep dodging him. Just because you have a Priest in a party of five does not mean you simply rush to kill something without dodging. You are still vulnerable to death even with a Priest in your party.

Necromancer Tomb - Fourth Boss

After you have cleared the instance for your story quest, you will likely return to clean up other quests related to the Necromancer Tomb. You will now have to choice to engage Vedilith/Dalmanak/Mutated Kaidun in the order of your choosing. You do not have to necessarily stick to the order listed above.

See you in the next instance!

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